WWV Centennial Celebration and Special Event kick off this weekend

The culmination of months of planning will come to a head this weekend as the WWV Centennial Celebration and the related WW0WWV Amateur Radio special event get under way. WW0WWV will begin operation on Saturday at 0000 UTC and continue through October 2 at 0000 UTC. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Northern Colorado Amateur Radio Club (NCARC), and the WWV Amateur Radio Club have teamed up to organize 100th anniversary events. WW0WWV will be active around the clock on 160– 6 meters on CW, SSB, and digital modes (FT8 operation will be Fox and Hound, except on 160 meters). WW0WWV will operate from the challenging RF environment at the WWV site near Fort Collins, Colorado. Logs will be streamed live to Club Log, and all logs will be uploaded to Logbook of The World (LoTW) after the event ends.1

More information about the WW0WWV special event along with a discusion of the W3V East Coast Special Event, and a brief mention of the WWV Centennial Festival of Frequency Measurements, is available in ARRL’s WWV Centennial Celebration and Special Event kick off this Weekend article.

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