September 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting called to order at 19:01
  • Introductions

These minutes have been converted to a mobile friendly format; some light editing for clarity and consistency was performed. The Secretary’s original minutes document (2019-09 Minutes.docx) may be found in the “Committee Reports | Secretary Reports” folder on the RRRA Groupware Server.


  • Vice-President: Jared W0JPJ
  • Secretary: Barb K0BAH acting
  • Treasurer: Lori KC0GQE

Secretary’s report

  • Motion to approve with corrections by Dell N0IPC
  • Seconded by Anton KC0PFS
  • Motion carried

Treasurer’s report

  • Motion to approve by Kent KA0LDG
  • Seconded by Jodi KC0HIG
  • Motion carried

Librarian’s report

  • There was nothing new


  • Mark KK0V
  • Kent KA0LDG said Xcel Energy is in the process of preparing for a power grid activity and wanted to know if amateur radio can help. There is a possibility of an exercise for this in the future
  • There will be a meeting next week with the Cass County Sheriff’s Office about putting up some antennas on their tower as they are the backup location. If approved, the Club will provide the antenna. More information will come later
  • The ID badges will hopefully be happening sometime this fall according to Amanda at the Public Safety Building
  • There was additional discussion on ARDEN. KK0V is working on the application for the Club for a grant to purchase the equipment for the 24 GB setup. It is now in final form. There will be a practice session at next month’s meeting so bring your equipment if you have any


  • Jarod W0JPJ
  • Nothing to report


  • Bob W0HNV
  • He will try to get up to the Grandin repeater site next week to work on fixing the audio


  • Bob W0HNV
  • Jay WD0EGC is doing great job with the Technician’s class and they were able to talk on the radio. The General Class starts a week from Wednesday, September 25th


  • Mike NY0MN
  • Volunteers are still needed for Hamfest, especially at the ticket table
  • There are a lot of door prizes
  • Motion by Brian K0GEF to approve $500.00 for startup funds
  • Seconded by Mark KC0SHM
  • Motion carried


  • Pete WC0G VEs will be needed to help with testing at Hamfest. Tables need to be set up in the testing room.


  • Steve K0STK
  • He is working on the digital signage for Hamfest
  • Anyone in charge of events, should please contact him at as soon as possible so your event can be publicized

Old Business

  • The Crop Walk is October 6th and if you can help, please contact Dave N0WQZ
  • The Jingle Bell Run is December 7th. Lori KC0GQE passed a signup sheet around
  • Anton KC0PFS reported that they had a lot of fun at the Ojibway Ralley and had a total of 10 amateur radio operators
  • Brian K0GEF reported on the Rotary Bike ride and they had about 9 amateur radio operators help
  • Jim N0TSZ received a thank you card from the West Fargo Police Department for the Night to Unite
  • Andy KD0IOE reported on issues that were experienced with Skywarn this summer with the Barnesville repeater. He has sent a note to Brian N0GFK to see what options there are for linking. Costs will be brought to the next month’s meeting.
  • Mike NY0MN said there were about 25 people at Tony’s picnic.

New Business

  • Mark KK0V introduced Eric Welle KE0PJR the president of the NDSU club and the club meets Thursdays at 6:00 pm at 147.090 with a + offset


  • Motion to adjourn by Anton KC0PFS
  • Seconded by Mike NY0MN seconded
  • Motion carried

Secretary’s report

  • 🆕 Alex K0JKL absent, Mark KC0SHM acting
  • Motion to approve as written proposed by Seth KC0ODE
  • Motion by [Anton] KC0PFS
  • Seconded by [Jake] K0RQ
  • Motion approved

Treasurer’s report

  • Motion to accept as written by [Kent] KA0LDG
  • Seconded by [Mark] KK0V
  • Motion approved


  • [Mark] KK0V
  • ID Badges still a WIP
  • FM Ambulance to host a server for ARDEN
  • Additional discussion on ARDEN—Black Building ready—club will be placing a 5.8ghz placeholder due to issues with availability of 3.5ghz equipment
  • [West] Fargo also agrees to host a server for ARDEN as long as it does not connect to the internet


  • [Seth] KC0ODE
  • Quiet month


  • [Bob] W0HNV
  • Still hasn’t made it to Grandin repeater site, but would like to get there before winter. Otherwise, no change from previous issues
  • Last remenants of unsold goods from W9NT’s auction to be taken to the hamfest, some items may be discarded, some sold


  • [Mike NY0MN]
  • Volunteers still needed for the hamfest
  • Door prizes are coming in and there will be some good ones
  • Several seminars organized
  • A sign up sheet was passed around the room
  • [License] testing—no walkins after [Noon]

Old Business

🆕 KE0SBW Picnic August 24

  • Mike NY0MN mentioned Tony KE0SBW’s picnic August 24th at farm near Wyndmere. Address on QRZ…look on website

New Business

🆕 Spectrum Defense Fund Contribution

  • Kent KA0LDG discussed the ARRL Spectrum Defense Fund and proposed allocation of club funds for a contribution
  • Motion to contribute $100 by KA0LDG
  • Seconded by Tim K0CRF
  • Additional discussion by Bob W0HNV and other to increase to $500
  • Motion and ammendment passes

Ojibway Ralley

  • [Bob] KA0Q
  • Volunteers needed
  • Meeting August 21, 2019, at Muscatell Subaru in Moorhead
  • Race starts at the Detroit Lakes Fairgrounds

First Aid Kit

  • 🆕 Motion by Del N0TSQ for $170 to purchase supplies needed for a good first aid kit for the trailer
  • Seconded by [Kent] KA0LDG
  • It was decided that using dedicated funds for the trailer was appropriate for this purchase


  • 🆕 Motion by Mark KK0V for up to $1000 for gear towards the ADEN network
  • Seconded by [Kent] KA0LDG
  • Approved from dedicated funds

ARRL Pamphlets

  • [Tim] K0CRF notes he has extra ARRL flyers if needed by anyone

LDS Tech Class

  • Brad KE0LDS discussed tech class being held at the LDS church
  • It was noted that this was not a competition, but instead simply a scheduling conflict. All are welcome
  • Tentative class start is 9/24. It will be a limited size and is intended to span a timeframe of 6-7 weeks - also less formal

🆕 Comments

  • Kevin made an additional note regarding the need for volunteers to work the tables at the hamfest
  • Bob W0HNV commented he is OK with the LDS church class. Also commented that there was an AED demo after the meeting

Christmas Party

  • [Lori KC0GQE]
  • 🆕 The room is booked for 5:50pm on December 4th at Pizza Ranch Fargo. Bring food donation

Jingle Bell Run

  • [Lori KC0GQE]
  • December 7th … more to come


  • Motion by [Jim] N0TSZ
  • Seconded by [Kent] KA0LDG
  • Motion carried