Check in to the RRRA Isolation Net Tonight

has started an informal evening Isolation Net at 7PM, Monday–Friday, on the W0ILO repeaters.

This net is a great way to keep in touch each other during a period of reduced physical contact and use our spectrum.

Check on the well-being of our fellow Hams and do things such as:

  • Ask for the help you need during this trying period
  • Recount the Ham Radio activities you’re engaged in while at home
  • Share a new YouTube Ham Radio video you’ve watched
  • Describe your shack
  • Ask that question you can’t find the answer for
  • And more…

See you tonight!

The Isolation Net was announced by KA0LDG on Monday March 23, 2020, through the Club Discussions mailing list.

This net will be included on the RRRA Nets list while it is operational.