Aredn Version Released

On March 27, 2020, the AREDN Project announced the general availability of the latest stable version of AREDN firmware: V3.20.3.0

This release includes official support for the GL.iNet AR150 router used by many of our members. While there’s no longer a need to use a nightly development release for this router, as of March 28th this release has not been tested locally.

V3.20.3.0 includes

  • 27 New Features
  • 16 Bug Fixes
  • Support for 16 New Devices

AREDN users are encouraged to visit the AREDN Release Notes v3.20.3.0 page for important information about

  • Changes to the Supported Platform Matrix (both status changes for deprecated devices and the addition of new devices)
  • Added Features
  • Bug Fixes
  • A link to a list of Known Issues
  • Key Workarounds for this release
  • Instructions for Upgrading Firmware Images

Please review the images built table for the target and name of the image to use before downloading a firmware update.