April 19 Net Check-In Comparison

Compare your signal strength—and voice quality—to your fellow operators with this recording from the April 19, 2020, Sunday Night UHF/VHF Net

This recording was made from the VHF side of W0ILO, Moorhead, and was edited to include only unique participant check-ins. Duplicate check-ins were included only where there was a substantial difference in signal quality.

Check-ins missing (a portion of) the first word indicate that insufficient time was allowed between the operator pressing their PTT button and starting to speak.


Listen to the recording

(in order of appearance)

  • AI0Q
  • Repeater ID
  • WD0AKO
  • KB0FMJ
  • KD0USO
  • KA0Q
  • W0JPJ
  • KE0VXA (barely readable)
  • KE0PJR
  • KE0VXA
  • Kerchunking
  • KE0BXK
  • KK0V
  • N0TSZ
  • KE0LDS
  • KA0LDG
  • K0RQ and KE0VXE (double)
  • KE0VXE
  • K0OP
  • W0CZ
  • WC0G and W0HNV (double)
  • WC0G
  • KE0KNV
  • Unintelligible
  • Unintelligible