Permission To Be Curious

In episode 255 of the Foundations of Amateur Radio podcast, Onno VK6FLAB, discusses a fundamental aspect of out hobby.

The activities that our community places under the banner of amateur radio are many and varied. I’ve referred to this as a thousand hobbies in one. If you look at the surface, you’ll find all manner of activities that readily attach to our hobby.

Activations for example are invented at any opportunity, from parks to peaks, light houses, bridges, trains, boats, lakes, roads, locators and countries. We pursue contesting, making contacts using different modes, different power levels, we pick the frequencies on which we operate.

If you dig a little deeper you might consider investigating propagation, or antenna builds, electronics, physics and more.

It occurs to me that there is an underlying activity, one that any amateur can participate in and most do at what ever level they choose.

It’s the act of being curious. 1

About the Foundations of Amateur Radio Podcast

Foundations of Amateur Radio is a weekly podcast by Australian Amateur Radio Operator Onno Benschop VK6FLAB addressing “the building blocks of Amateur Radio, one concept at a time.” 2

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