May 10 Net Check-In Comparison

Compare your signal strength, voice quality, and PTT technique to your fellow operators with this recording from the May 10, 2020, Sunday Night UHF/VHF Net

Check-ins missing a portion of the first word indicate that insufficient time was allowed between the operator pressing their PTT button and starting to speak.


Listen to the recording

(in order of appearance)

  • Repeater ID
  • K0RQ
  • KA0Q
  • WD0AKO
  • KE0VXA
  • KE0OCS
  • Kerchunk
  • Kerchunk
  • Kerchunk / WB0BIN
  • KC0DCF
  • W0CZ
  • K0EED
  • WC0G
  • W0HNV
  • KA0LDG
  • KE0LDS
  • KE0KNV
  • K0OP
  • K0STK
  • AI0Q
  • KK0V

Frequency use based on the repeater tones:

  • VHF: 10
  • UHF: 9

About this recording

This recording was captured from the VHF side of W0ILO, Moorhead, during the RRRA Sunday Night VHF/UHF Net on May 10, 2020, with an Alinco DJ-G7 Handheld Transceiver and the Audacity audio editor and recorder.

Prior to publication the recording was:

  • Processed with the Audacity “Pop-Mute” plug-in to reduce the magnitude of the squelch artifacts present at the beginning and end of each transmission

  • Edited to to present just the check-ins—from squelch opening to closing—in the sequence they occured with a 1 second gap between check-ins

  • The NCS Operator’s opening announcment was truncated

No level adjustments were made to the received signal during the editing process.