Bicycle Mobile on the HF Bands (QST)

In his Bicycle Mobile on the HF Bands article (a free preview from the August 2020 issue of QST Magazine), Christian Bravo, W4ALF, discusses “an easy way to implement a mobile radio system, for the operator on two wheels.” 1

After experimenting with pedestrian mobile and being active with Summits on the Air (SOTA), I was looking for a new amateur radio challenge. My experiences with portable ham gear led me to the idea of adapting my mobile setup to fit on my bicycle. The two-wheel setup would allow me to be even more mobile, and still be able to communicate on the HF bands. 1

W4ALF’s article covers:

  • The Radio Setup
  • The Bike
  • Mounting the Antenna
  • Performance

The Mounting the Antenna section of the article goes into detail about W4ALF’s tapped coil shortened vertical antenna with a raised counterpoise, including a description of the Buddipole pieces used for the vertical.

In closing, W4ALF states:

Operating bicycle mobile is a fun way to get out and operate while getting some exercise. Gear today lends itself well to having a high-performing HF setup on the go with two wheels. My antenna system allows for more bands and radials while operating stopped at a location without having to hang antennas. I hope the ideas presented here spark your own mobile adventures and homebrew modifications. 1

  1. “Bicycle Mobile on the HF Bands”, ARRL The national association for Amateur Radio, retrieved July 8 2020,!.pdf↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎