June 21 Club Meeting Check-In Comparison

Compare your signal strength, voice quality, and PTT technique to your fellow operators with this recording from the June 21, 2020, On-Air Club Meeting

Check-ins missing an inital portion of the transmission indicate that insufficient time was allowed between the operator pressing their PTT button and starting to speak.


Listen to the recording

(in order of appearance)

W0ILO-25.76- 9.41
W0JPJ-22.55- 6.20U
W0CZ-21.10- 4.75U
K0CRF-20.47- 4.12V
W0HNV-21.50- 5.15U
KC0GQE-16.55- 0.20V
NY0MN-25.20- 8.85U
KA0LDG-18.59- 2.24V
KE0LDS-23.93- 7.58V
K0OP-19.39- 3.04V
KC0ODE-24.02- 7.67V
K0STK-23.38- 7.03U
K0RQ-20.50- 4.15?
K0TTR-25.40- 9.05U
K4UMV-19.92- 3.57V
N0TSZ-21.42- 5.07V
K0TTR-25.82- 9.47U
KE0VXA-17.63- 1.28V


  • ID - operator callsign
  • RMS - RMS level of transmission in dB
  • Δ- dB difference with loudest transmission (KC0HIG)
  • F - Frequency band used

Band use based on courtesy tones

  • VHF: 13 (62%)
  • UHF: 8 (38%)

About this recording

This recording was captured from the VHF side of W0ILO, Moorhead, during the RRRA On-Air Club Meeting on June 21, 2020, with an Alinco DJ-G7 Handheld Transceiver and the Audacity audio editor and recorder.

Prior to publication the recording was:

  • Edited to to present just the check-ins—from squelch opening to closing—in the sequence they occured with a 1 second gap between check-ins

  • The NCS Operator’s opening announcment was truncated

No level adjustments were made to the received signal during the editing process.