September 2020 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting took place on the W0ILO Repeater system instead of in-person in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Meeting called to order by President Jarod W0JPJ at 19:00
  • 15 stations checked in

These minutes have been converted to a mobile friendly format; some light editing for clarity and consistency was performed. The Secretary’s original minutes document (2020-09 Minutes.docx) may be found in the “Committee and Officers Reports | Secretary Reports” folder on the RRRA Groupware System.

Secretary’s Report

Jake K0RQ reported that last month’s minutes are available and at Some corrections reported.

Treasurer’s Report

Lori KC0GQE reported the Treasurer’s Report is available at

Librarian’s Report

Lori KC0GQE had nothing to report.

Regular Agenda

Committee Reports

Cass County RRRAES

Brad KE0LDS reported there still discussions on the AREDN system and how to move forward with it. Brad also is considering a potential deployment drill in the future.


Jarod W0JPJ reported that FM Ambulance was looking at donating radios to the club. Contact Jarod or Seth KC0ODE for more information.


Bob W0HNV reported that repairs are still needed at the Grandin site, hopefully this can be done before Winter.


Bob W0HNV reported that Rich Bud W0TF sent info for a software-based Technician class. It’s clunky but could be used as a stopgap until classes resume. It’s likely that classes will not resume until 2021. Club storage was moved to the new indoor facility.


Pete WC0G reported they will resume Hamfest planning after the 1st of the year.


Pete WC0G reported that all VE sessions are still on hold. Small sessions can be arranged upon request.


Steve K0STK’s report is available at Meeting minutes are published as HTML at and in word processor format at Please contact with any questions about RRRA online services.

Old Business

Club Christmas Party

With the increasing numbers of COVID cases there is question as to whether the Christmas party should take place. Steve K0STK will put out a SurveyMonkey survey to gather more information and discuss further at next month’s meeting.

New Business

No new business

Good of the Order


Meeting adjourned by Jarod W0JPJ at 19:23