QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Returning in March

Purchase your early-bird tickets for the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo 2021 live on-line March 13th and 14th—and on-demand until April 12th—2021.

According to QSO Today Podcast host Eric Guth, 4Z1UG/WA6IGR, “the inaugural QSO Today Expo last August attracted more than 16,000 attendees, and … the March 2021 event will be even more successful.” 1

The event organizers have been “working hard to make [their] upcoming Expo even better with new speakers, panel discussions, kit building workshops, easy-to-use video technology to meet with exhibitors, and much more.” 2 All without the risk and expense of travel.

According to the event sponsors, attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Listen to and engage with 60+ internationally recognized ham radio luminaries that have committed to lead expo sessions
  • Take part in Live virtual kit building workshops. Kits will be available for purchase and delivered to you in time for the Expo so you can participate and build from the convenience of your home
  • Walk through [their] virtual exhibit hall filled with popular amateur radio suppliers. Watch new product demos, interact directly with booth staff using video, audio, or text conferencing
  • Prior to the Expo, take advantage of our new speaker calendar technology to download speaker times in your local time zones to Google and Outlook calendars. This way you’ll have a complete schedule of what sessions you want to participate in
  • Return over the next 30 days to re-visit, explore, and re-engage exhibitor offerings 2

Read the ARRL News “QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Returning in March” article or visit the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo website for more information about this event.

Virtual Ham Expo 2020 Walk Through

About QSO Today

QSO Today is a podcast about the international hobby of amateur radio also known as ham radio. Every week, [Eric WA6IGR interviews] a “ham” to hear their ham radio story and what they are doing now. Many of the technologies that we enjoy today including television and radio, cell phones, computers, and the Internet were born out amateur radio hobbyists experimenting with electronics and radio in their basements and garages. Amateur radio was and still is the frontier where hams conducted electronic experiments in order to make that wireless contact around the World.

As a kid growing up in Southern California during the 60s, amateur radio was WA6IGR’s ticket to electronics, science, and technology. Its hams were [his] mentors. These interviews allow [WA6IGR] to share the ham radio stories to inspire you to join this amazing hobby, or if you are already here, to grow and learn more from these stories. 3

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