February 2021 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting took place on Zoom instead of in-person in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Meeting called to order by President Jarod W0JPJ at 19:05, February 16, 2021
  • 24 members in attendence

These minutes have been converted to a mobile friendly format; some light editing for clarity and consistency was performed. The Secretary’s original minutes document (2021-02 Minutes.docx) may be found in the “Committee and Officers Reports | Secretary Reports” folder on the RRRA Groupware System.

Secretary’s Report

Jake K0RQ reported that last month’s minutes are available on the club website and on the cloud website. There were a total of 28 views of the minutes online.

Treasurer’s Report

Lori KC0GQE reported that the Treasurer’s Report is available on the cloud website.

Librarian’s Report

Lori KC0GQE had nothing to report.

Regular Agenda

Standing Committee Reports

Cass County ARES

Mark KK0V reported that the likelihood of a flood this spring is extremely low given the lack of snow. There are rolling brownouts and blackouts all over the country due to the storms in Texas. Everyone should be prepared to have brief outages. All ID badges have been distributed, anyone still in need of a badge should follow the instructions on the RRRA cloud website. Matt Holden K0BBC is holding an ARES webinar this Saturday.


Seth KC0ODE was not present. Jarod W0JPJ reported the local emergency managers did note of the clubs help with the equipment issue in West Fargo. The club also received donated equipment from Clay County, including some repeater equipment, UPS’s, equipment racks, and networking equipment.


Kirk W0HNV reported he just finished working on the Grandin repeater and it is ready to install once weather is favorable.


Kirk W0HNV reported classes are still on hold. The Maple Grove radio club has run virtual license classes and he is looking into working with them on an alternative.


Pete WC0G reported he is just getting started on organizing the hamfest. The space is confirmed at the fairgrounds. The Hamfest is also registered with the ARRL. There will not be any league speakers this year due to the pandemic. Anyone wanting to help should sign up to the Hamfest listserve.


Pete WC0G reported that several club VEs will be helping with the Maple Grove Radio Club’s test sessions. RRRA’s first online test session is February 25th. There are still slots available, contact Pete to get registered. The club will likely use the Exam Tools online system for in-person sessions when those start back up.


Steve K0STK’s report is available on the cloud website. Meeting minutes are always uploaded in plain text to the website and in word processor form on the cloud website. All club members should have an account on the cloud website. Any questions about the website or mailing lists please contact webmaster@rrra.org. There were a lot of messages on the main RRRA mailing list last month, everyone should subscribe if they have not already. As of last night, there were 24 dues renewals completed online.

Old Business

2021 Club Dues

Dues should have been paid by the start of the meeting to participate in elections.

Election Results

OfficeWinning Candidate
PresidentJarod Jacobsen W0JPJ
Vice PresidentAnton O’Neil KC0PFS
SecretaryJake Bechtold K0RQ
TreasurerLori Kruft KC0GQE
Member At LargeDon Galitz KC0DCF

Kent KA0LDG organized the elections. Voting was conducted via Zoom.

New Business

Standing Committee Updates

It was pointed out that the club bylaws list several more standing committees that the club presently does not have. Missing is a Finance Committee, Membership Committee, Packet BBS Committee, and a Publications Committee. Jarod W0JPJ suggested the club modify the bylaws to update this. Mark KC0SHM noted that a change of the bylaws would require modification of the 501(c)(3) and incorporation paperwork. This will be resolved at a later time.

Weather Tap Renewal

Lori KC0GQE received the bill for WeatherTap for the year for $159. The club pays the bill and the county reimburses the club. It is used for Skywarn.

  • Motion to approve the purchase by Mark KC0SHM
  • Seconded by Don KC0DCF
  • Motion carried unanimously

Good of the Order

  • W5WYO donated an antenna analyzer to the club
  • Tim K0CRF announced an SKCC event with K8AQM May 23rd-24th
  • Kent KA0LDG will start hosting foxhunts once the weather warms up


  • Motion to adjourn by Don KC0DCF
  • Seconded by Anton KC0PFS

Meeting adjourned at 20:25