May 2021 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting took place on Zoom instead of in-person in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Meeting called to order by President Jarod W0JPJ at 19:00, May 18, 2021
  • 25 members in attendence

These minutes have been converted to a mobile friendly format; some light editing for clarity and consistency was performed. The Secretary’s original minutes document (2021-05 Minutes.docx) may be found in the “Committee and Officers Reports | Secretary Reports” folder on the RRRA Groupware System.

Secretary’s Report

Jake K0RQ reported that last month’s minutes are available on the club website and on the cloud website. No corrections reported.

Treasurer’s Report

Lori KC0GQE reported that the Treasurer’s Report is available on the cloud website.

  • Motion to accept both Secretary and Treasurer’s reports by Anton KC0PFS
  • Seconded by Pete WC0G
  • Motion carried unanimously

Lori KC0GQE requested $323.20 for equipment insurance.

  • Motion to disburse by Ken W0CZ
  • Seconded by Don KC0DCF
  • Motion carried unanimously

Librarian’s Report

Lori KC0GQE had nothing to report.

Regular Agenda

Standing Committee Reports

Cass County ARES

Mark KK0V requested funds for replacement batteries for the trailer. They are 4 sealed Lead Acid batteries. There are some dedicated funds in the trailer to cover the purchase. Brad KE0LDS moved, Don KC0DCF seconded. Motion was amended to use the available Trailer Funds with the remaining coming from General Fund. Motion carried unanimously.

The club has permission to use the Cass County Highway Department property in West Fargo for Field Day like in years past. Mark KK0V will not be there this year, so some one else will need to head up the operation, including transporting the trailer. A 1/2 ton pickup minimum is needed to haul the trailer. The ARRL is allowing individuals to combine their scores towards a club once again this year.


Seth KC0ODE was not present. Jarod W0JPJ had nothing report.


Kirk W0HNV reported Rod Scheel from the Fergus Falls club donated two Master 3 repeaters that are fully operational. Kirk will use one of those for the Grandin site.


Kirk W0HNV reported he spoke with West Fargo Library. Their board is meeting next month and its possible the rooms will be available starting next month.


Pete WC0G reported there has not been a meeting since the last club meeting. A Hamfest meeting will be scheduled in the next few weeks.


Pete WC0G reported the VE’s have been helping with the Maple Grove Club’s online testing sessions. They have asked RRRA to take on their July and August tests so a few of their members can get a break. Pete is hoping to do a test session before the end of the month. There will be a test session at the Hamfest in September, and the VE team will likely use the Exam Tools online testing software instead doing them on paper.


Steve K0STK’s report is available on the cloud website. Meeting minutes are always uploaded in plain text to the website and in word processor form on the cloud website. Any questions about the website or listserver please contact

Old Business

No old business.

New Business

LDS Church Preparedness Fair

Brad KE0LDS mentioned this event will be September 11th. He would like to have the trailer there.

Good of the Order

  • NDExpedition SKCC event is Thursday-Saturday at Sheyenne Oaks in Leonard.

  • Kent KA0LDG is willing to hold a Foxhunt if anyone is interested in participating.

  • Kent KA0LDG is planning on shutting down the Isolation Net at the end of May for at least the Summer. Brad KE0LDS is continuing the ARES Net at 2pm weekdays for the time being.

  • Jim N0TSZ and Mark KK0V is meeting with West Fargo Fire tomorrow regarding possible tower space.


  • Motion to adjourn by Don KC0DCF
  • Seconded by Kirk W0HNV
  • Meeting adjourned at 19:53