Be a part of Field Day 2021

Field Day is Amateur Radio’s open house. It is a picnic, a campout, practice for emergencies, an informal contest and, most of all, fun!

Field Day is held on the 4th weekend in June; in 2021 that is 1:00PM CDT Saturday, June 26th, to 3:59PM CDT Sunday, June 27th

🆕 For 2021 ARRL has extended their Field Day rule waivers from 2020 and added a power limit for class D and class E stations.

Fargo / Moorhead Area Field Day Sites

Please use the ARRL Field Day Station Locator to find other Field Day sites.

Field Day Resources

About Field Day

This event, dating back to 1933, gives members of the public, and government officials, an opportunity to see Amateur Radio (AKA Ham Radio) in action and to learn about the hobby and how it can support their communities. It also gives Amateur Radio operators an opportunity to learn about communicating in abnormal situations under less than optimal conditions by setting up temporary stations utilizing field expedient antennas and off-the-grid power such as solar or generators.

Social media users may follow Field Day on Facebook and on Twitter using the #ARRLFD hash tag.

Amateur Radio operators who will not be at a Field Day site are encouraged to get on the air and contact those sites.

More information about Field Day is available in the What is ARRL Field Day? PDF flyer and on the ARRL Field Day page.