July 2021 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Both President Jarod W0JPJ and Vice President Anton KC0PFS absent
  • Meeting called to order by Secretary Jake K0RQ at 19:04, July 20, 2021
  • Mark KC0SHM acting Secretary
  • 26 members in attendence

These minutes have been converted to a mobile friendly format; some light editing for clarity and consistency was performed. The Secretary’s original minutes document (2021-07 Minutes.docx) may be found in the “Committee and Officers Reports | Secretary Reports” folder on the RRRA Groupware System.

Secretary’s Report

Jake K0RQ reported that last month’s minutes are available on the club website and on the cloud website. No corrections reported.

  • Motion to approve by Kent KA0LDG
  • Seconded by Ken W0CZ
  • Motion carried unanimously

Treasurer’s Report

Lori KC0GQE reported that the Treasurer’s Report is available on the cloud website.

  • Motion to approve by Kirk W0HNV
  • Seconded by Pete WC0G
  • Motion carried unanimously

Librarian’s Report

Lori KC0GQE reported that Andy KD0IOE donated some QST’s from Val K0QYW(SK), as well as some vests and hats. Contact Lori with any questions.

Regular Agenda

Standing Committee Reports

Cass County ARES

Mark KK0V reported there was an AREDN discussion at the ARES meeting and the AREDN committee was formed. Members are:

  • Jeremy KE0QXK
  • Jim N0TSZ
  • Steve K0STK
  • Brad KE0LDS
  • Mark KK0V
  • Mark KC0SHM
  • Seth KC0ODE
  • Kent KA0LDG
  • Steve K0OP
  • Jarod W0JPJ


Seth KC0ODE reported he will be changing the test pages on I Am Responding to not be nightly. Anyone wanting to be on IAR should contact Seth. There will be a local SET sometime soon. ARRL SET is in October. Seth also did acquire some extra equipment from FM Ambulance. All the equipment is usable except for an equipment rack, which will be sold at the hamfest. A storage location is needed in the interim, Jake K0RQ has a space where he can store it for the club.


Kirk W0HNV reported he is still working on the Grandin repeater; he is having issues reprograming the replacement machine(s). There is also an issue that has developed with the Moorhead VHF repeater on the receive side, Kirk will be working to get the issue resolved.


Kirk W0HNV reported he and Jay WS0Y are tentatively planning classes starting in the fall. Classes no longer need to be completed before the hamfest since VE testing can be done electronically/virtually. Brad KE0LDS will not be doing any classes as of right now.


Pete WC0G reported online sales for the hamfest have already begun. There is a transaction fee of $.52 per ticket that he has been paying with the VE account.

  • Motion to have the club reimburse the VE account for the transaction fees by Pete WC0G
  • Seconded by Ken W0CZ
  • Motion carried unanimously

Pete also indicated that volunteers will be needed for setup, teardown, and during the hamfest. Two speakers have been lined up so far.


Pete WC0G reported he will arrange for online VE sessions for Kirk and Jay’s classes. VE testing during the hamfest will be online as well, candidates must register in advance, no walkups. The RRRA VE team will also be handing the Maple Grove club’s VE sessions this week. Every other month testing will also start back up if there is interest.


Steve K0STK was not present. His report is available on the cloud website. New members should reach out to Steve to get setup for the club’s online services. Members with email changes should make sure has been updated on the online services. Any questions about the website or listserver please contact webmaster@rrra.org.

Old Business

Field Day

The club activated as W0ILO from the Cass County Highway Department site and made over 500 contacts. There were 14 visitors that signed the log. The group in Sabin also had a good turnout.

AREDN Committee

See Cass ARES report.

New Business

Fargo Marathon

Andy KD0IOE brought up the Fargo Marathon is September 25th, the same day as the hamfest. The marathon intends on operating the same way they always do. This creates a conflict with both volunteers and repeater use. Options are using the W0RRW repeater or trying out the repeater in the trailer and locating it centrally on the route. Around 20 volunteers will be needed for the marathon. Anyone interested in helping should contact Andy.

Club Credit/Debit Card

Jarod W0JPJ wanted to get a club debit card setup. Since he was not present this item was tabled.

Storage Unit Rental

Lori KC0GQE received a bill for the storage unit for $959.40 that will be due later this fall. Mark KC0SHM moved to approve, Kent KA0LDG seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Christmas Party

Lori KC0GQE will book the Pizza Ranch for 45th Street for a Christmas Party in December.

Fargo Police Picnic

Good of the Order

  • Kirk W0JPJ noted that if even half of the club’s 69 members volunteered to help, there would be more than enough volunteers for the hamfest and the marathon. This is the club’s largest fundraiser for the year. Lori encouraged everyone to see if family members would be willing to help.


  • Motion to adjourn by Kent KA0LDG
  • Seconded by Steve K0OP
  • Meeting adjourned at 19:54