September 2021 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting called to order by President Jarod W0JPJ at 19:00 on September 21, 2021
  • 25 members in attendence
  • 3 NDSU Emergency Management students in attendance

These minutes have been converted to a mobile friendly format; some light editing for clarity and consistency was performed. The Secretary’s original minutes document (2021-09 Minutes.docx) may be found in the “Committee and Officers Reports | Secretary Reports” folder on the RRRA Groupware System.

Secretary’s Report

Jake K0RQ reported that last month’s minutes are available on the club website and on the cloud website. Steve K0STK reported a few corrections, those were made to the uploaded version.

  • Motion to approve by James AB0W
  • Seconded by Seth KC0ODE
  • Motion carried unanimously

Treasurer’s Report

Lori KC0GQE reported that the Treasurer’s Report is available on the cloud website.

  • Motion to approve by Brian K0GEF
  • Seconded by Pete WC0G
  • Motion carried unanimously

Librarian’s Report

Lori KC0GQE had nothing to report.

Regular Agenda

Standing Committee Reports


Seth KC0ODE reported that ARES has been restructured into a NIMS/ICS format

  • Seth is Incident Commander
  • Mark KK0V is Deputy Commander and Safety Officer
  • W0JPJ is Deputy Commander and Liaison Officer
  • Brad KE0LDS is Deputy Commander and Public Information Officer

Seth is working on an inventory report of the trailer so insurance can be transferred to the club. After Action Report for Field Day and SET will be uploaded to the cloud website after the meeting.

Seth brought up moving AREDN from the General Membership to ARES. Mark KC0SHM, Andy KD0IOE, and Steve K0OP did a field test of the AREDN system and determined while it does work, the data throughput is extremely slow. Mark suggested leaving the existing system in place, but not expand on it any further. Kent KA0LDG recommended letting the sub-committee determine what the action plan is for the equipment and the remaining dedicated funds. The AREDN committee will finalize this decision by the end of the year.


Kirk W0HNV reported he is looking for assistance in maintaining the repeaters. Kirk also has a few ideas regarding overhauling the entire repeater system, given the trouble the existing equipment has had lately.


Kirk W0HNV reported that he and Jay WS0Y have split up the workload for classes. Jay is doing Tech and General, Kirk will do Extra. Kirk are Jay are having problems with the provider of the materials as far as using it digitally. They are searching for a substitute source for materials that will allow digital rights. Classes would start in late October.


Steve K0STK reported that four more volunteers are needed to complete the volunteer slots for the hamfest. Kent KA0LDG reminded everyone of the Wouff Hong Ceremony on Friday night at 9pm at the Scholander Pavilion. Kent was able to fill up 23 swag bags to give out at the hamfest. Presently there are 30 online ticket orders placed for 36 tickets. There will be a club table for donated equipment the club wants to get rid of. Setup will be at 3pm Friday afternoon.


Pete WC0G reported there will be VE testing at the hamfest. Testing will be done online with pre-registration. Since only a few have registered a few walk-ins will end up being taken.


Steve K0STK’s report is available on the cloud website. Any questions about the website or listserver please contact

Old Business

Fargo Marathon

Andy KD0IOE reports eight more volunteers are needed, many of them are light shifts. It will become a logistics issue with anything less than the required number. The net should be done by noon, as there isn’t a lot of traffic after that. Mark KC0SHM suggested adjusting times of our events the next time we have two doubled up.

Sunday Night Net

Jake K0RQ presented the results of the Net Survey at the ARES meeting and posted them to the cloud website. There was not a definitive option amongst the club as to which direct to take the net. The net will continue as-is for the time being. Jake will discuss with Seth KC0ODE some ARES-related tweaks to make to the net.

Dues Increase Motion

Steve K0STK has tabled this to after the hamfest.

New Business

Meeting Changes

There was discussion last month about how boring the business meetings are. Jarod W0JPJ would like to move to 4 business meetings a year. In the non-business meetings months we would fill with a presentation or an activity. A dues increase has also been brought up, with the potential of a tiered system.

Equipment Donations

Jeff N0RHB donated equipment to the club. Some of it will need to be moved the storage unit or disposed of otherwise. Anton KC0PFS suggested creating a loaner system for gear for new hams. Jarod also received a message from someone trying to get rid of a tower. Contact the (Jarod) for more information.

Finance Committee Audit

Lori contacted the Finance Committee (members are Don KC0DCF, Jim Kruft N0TSZ, and Jim Grettum W0OS), Jim W0OS is going to conduct the audit.

Good of the Order

Club Open Forum

Mark KC0SHM moved to form a Steering Committee for the club. Think about what direction the club should go moving forward.


  • Motion to adjourn by Mark KC0SHM
  • Seconded by Lance WA0LIA
  • Meeting adjourned at 20:29