October 2021 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Both President Jarod W0JPJ and Vice President Anton KC0PFS absent. Secretary Jake K0RQ acting as Chairperson. Both members at large were present. Meeting called to order at 19:12
  • 20 members in attendence

These minutes have been converted to a mobile friendly format; some light editing for clarity and consistency was performed. The Secretary’s original minutes document (2021-10 Minutes.docx) may be found in the “Committee and Officers Reports | Secretary Reports” folder on the RRRA Groupware System.

Secretary’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, and Librarians Report are all available on the cloud website.

  • Motion to approve all three simultaneously by James AB0W
  • Seconded by Mark KC0SHM
  • Motion carried unanimously

Regular Agenda

Standing Committee Reports


Seth KC0ODE reported there were a total of 75 ARES participants last month, total of ARES nets 5, total exercises 4, total of 31 hours. One community event for 40 hours. RRRA has consolidated Cass and Clay ARES into a single RRRA ARES to better match ICS. RRRA Hamfest was the same day as the Fargo Marathon, so the marathon was short volunteers, but proceeded with a few staffing adjustments. All positions were covered.


Kirk W0HNV was not present. Jake K0RQ and Andy KD0IOE went up to MSUM to investigate the VHF issues with the W0ILO repeater and could not duplicate the problem, but did notice issues with the power supply. They swapped it with the left-over power supply from the Wheatland repeater. Users are encouraged to try the VHF side of the repeater and report any problems to Jake, Andy, or Kirk. Jim N0TSZ noted there was a past issue at the MSUM site related to the grounding of the HVAC system; it’s possible the grounding has been disrupted.


Jay WS0Y is working on making the Technician class content available on-demand online. Prospective hams can then go through the material on their own time and schedule a test with the VE Team.


Pete WC0G reported the Hamfest was successful. Attendance was lighter than normal due to two other hamfests on the same day, and the Canadian border still being closed. Roughly 160-170 people attended. Ledger from the Hamfest is included in the Treasurer’s Report. Pete has indicated he will not have time to organize next year’s Hamfest, so someone else will need to take over. Hamfest next year is September 24^th^, 2022. Pete will follow up with the fairgrounds and see if the club’s contract is through 2022 or 2023.


Pete WC0G reported only 5 people tested at the Hamfest It was the first. time using the online testing format in-person There has not been a lot. of demand for testing as of late .


Steve K0STK’s report is available on the cloud website. Steve extensively documents all upgrades and improvements he is making to the club’s online infrastructure. Any questions about the website or listserver please contact webmaster@rrra.org.

Old Business

Dues Increase Motion

Steve K0STK tabled his previous motion until next month. He emphasized the need for members to step-up and volunteer for the club’s activities. Jim N0STZ noted that increasing the dues to the proposed amount would significantly hinder the amount of club members. Motion was tabled.

Fargo Marathon

Andy KD0IOE reported the marathon went well. It was relatively quiet and uneventful, which is what the organizers hoped for. The group was five volunteers short, but some shuffling of volunteers was done to accommodate. Having the Hamfest and Fargo Marathon on the same day was inconvenient and should be avoided in the future. Using the W0ILO repeater for the marathon and W0RRW repeater for Hamfest talk-in worked very well. The Fargo Marathon is going through some internal changes, so the future of the marathon is uncertain. No date has been set for 2022.

New Business

Zoom Renewal

Lori KC0GQE requested $155 to renew the club’s Zoom account. Mark KC0SHM moved, Pete WC0G seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

I Am Responding

Seth KC0ODE moved to renew I Am Responding for $350. Brad KE0LDS seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Club Donations

Jim N0TSZ brought up a concern regarding donations and the value being declared on donation receipts. Lori KC0GQE has a donation receipt form already.

  • Motion to modify the form to remove the portion declaring value by Steve K0STK
  • Seconded by Brad KE0LDS
  • Motion carried unanimously

Good of the Order

  • The club received a Thank You card from Dale WD0AKO for the flowers that were sent for his daughter’s funeral

  • Steve K0STK prepared a video tutorial on renewing Amateur Radio licenses online and presented it

  • Jason ND0JL from Jamestown brought his retired Ambulance that is he turning to a mobile ham shack to the meeting for attendees to check out afterwards


  • Motion to adjourn by Mark KC0SHM
  • Seconded by Seth KC0ODE
  • Meeting adjourned at 19:59