Add the RRRA Calendar to Your Device

You can add the entire RRRA calendar, or just the sub-calendars you’re interested in, to your mobile or desktop device calendar—and get automatic updates—by following these simple instructions.


Before starting you will need know the webcal / iCalendar link for the calendar(s) you’re interested in. In most cases you will need to copy/paste this link as directed in the instructions for your calendering software.

Use this link for the complete RRRA calendar:

Other webcal / iCalendar links may be found through the Dates links in the sidebar of any page on this website.

Then choose the instructions for your calendering software …

Apple iCalendar

Click the webcal / iCalendar link for the calendar you’re interested in (e.g. webcal:// and it will be added to iCalendar on all devices associated with your Apple ID.

Follow the instructions in the How to Subscribe to Calendars on Mac How-To Geek blog post if the webcal subscription link does not work on your Apple device.

Google Calendar

Follow the instructions in the Use webcal url to add a calendar to google calendar VisiHow blog post.

Android users must first add the RRRA calendar to their desktop Google calendar then synchronize their mobile device calendar before this calendar will be available for selection on their mobile device.

Outlook Calendar

Follow the instructions for the Outlook Client or Outlook Online in the How to Add an iCalendar Link to Your Outlook Calendar How-To Geek blog post.