SAQ Grimeton Christmas Eve 2021 Transmission

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve morning in Grimeton, Sweden on December 24th. A little bit of white snow on the ground and -4 C in the air — great conditions for a successful SAQ transmission. The pandemic regulations did impact the event and no visitors could be present in the transmitter hall at the radio station. The limited number of staff and assistants did their best of the situation, by serving traditional swedish Christmas buns and ginger snaps, together with glög (non-alcoholic mulled wine) and we were all in a good Christmas sprit. 1

This video includes the ~30 minute startup and tuning process of the Alexanderson alternator (wikipedia page) followed by transmission of the Christmas message.

Please visit The Alexander association SAQ spread Christmas Joy on Christmas Eve morning, Dec 24th page to view

  • The transmission text
  • The team from the Alexander association at the transmission
  • QSL information, including an online listener report form
  • An interactive listener map

Along with a photo the telegraphist at the SAQ operating position sending the Christmas message to the world.

About The Alexander association

Alexander Grimeton Friendship Association a non-profit organization founded in 1996. The association’s purpose is to preserve, document and display the unique Alexanderson alternator at the old radio station in Grimeton, Sweden.2

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Please visit the The Alexander association About Us page to learn more about their background and become a member to support their efforts.

More information about the Grimeton Radiostation is available on the Alexander association website

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