Next QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Set for Mid-March

Purchase your early-bird tickets for the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo 2022 live on-line March 12–13 (and on-demand until April 12th) 2022.

Event tickets are $10 through March 6th and $13.50 thereafter.

More than 60 speakers will deliver presentations on their subject areas.

“There’s content for everyone, whether a newly licensed ham looking for next steps#or [an experienced] ham looking for new projects,” QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo organizers promise.

Presentations will include “Core HF Communication Concepts: Fundamentals of Shortwave Propagation;” “Deep Dive of An FPGA DVB-S2 Implementation;” “Fun With The NanoVNA,” and “Helically Wound Vertical for 160 Meters.” The complete list of presentations is available from the Virtual Ham Expo home page.

Virtual visitors may watch as many presentations as they want and return any time within 30 days to view other speakers and presentations, as well as explore exhibitor offerings. This Virtual Ham Expo will debut new technology that organizers say will “further improve the live video interaction experience with exhibitors and fellow operators.” 1

Please visit the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo website for more information about this event.

About the Expo

Amateur radio is like a big circus. It has its main tent with three rings in the center. In those rings could be Contesting, DXing, and Rag Chewing. However, amateur radio now has a “midway of a thousand smaller tents” according to Eric Guth, 4Z1UG, founder of the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo, and host of the QSO Today Podcast, a interview program featuring the most interesting amateur radio operators. It is exactly this midway that the “Expo” was founded to explore.

The Expo has … become the place to discover more niches in amateur radio through the presentations given at each one. In March 2021, while there was some difficulty with the platforms, over 6000 hams came and viewed almost 100,000 presentations from the over 80 that were offered in March. [The] Expo in August 2021 had over 90 presentations in 8 tracks of amazing amateur radio content. 2

The QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo is owned and operated by KEG Media, Inc.

KEG Contact

Eric Guth, 4Z1UG

QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Website

About QSO Today

QSO Today is a podcast about the international hobby of amateur radio also known as ham radio. Every week, [Eric 4Z1UG / WA6IGR interviews] a “ham” to hear their ham radio story and what they are doing now. Many of the technologies that we enjoy today including television and radio, cell phones, computers, and the Internet were born out amateur radio hobbyists experimenting with electronics and radio in their basements and garages. Amateur radio was and still is the frontier where hams conducted electronic experiments in order to make that wireless contact around the World.

As a kid growing up in Southern California during the 60s, amateur radio was Eric’s ticket to electronics, science, and technology. Its hams were [his] mentors. These interviews allow [Eric] to share the ham radio stories to inspire you to join this amazing hobby, or if you are already here, to grow and learn more from these stories. 3

QSO Today Contact

Eric Guth, 4Z1UG / WA6IGR

QSO Today Website

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