ARRL's Eclectic Tech - Episode 63

In this episode of ARRL’s biweekly Eclectic Tech podcast: “The Carrington Event of 1859 ranks among the most intense solar eruptions in recorded history. As we approach the peak of the current Solar Cycle, which is estimated to occur in 2026, could it happen again?”1

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About the ARRL Eclectic Tech Podcast

Eclectic Tech is a biweekly magazine-style podcast which highlights technical and scientific topics involving amateur and non-amateur technology. The podcast often features interviews with individuals who are involved in projects of interest to radio amateurs. The host of Eclectic Tech is Steve Ford, WB8IMY.

Eclectic Tech is ARRL's successor to its acclaimed The Doctor is In podcast which presented lively discussions of many technical aspects of Amateur Radio from April 7, 2016, to December 19, 2019.

The first episode of Eclectic Tech was published on February 13, 2020.

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