Running an Amateur Radio Net

In this episode of ARRL’s monthly On The Air podcast: “For many new operators, nets are one of the easiest and best ways to connect with other hams. Some nets are focused solely on emergency communications, others provide the opportunity to pass formal traffic throughout a region, while others are purely social occasions where you can get to know other active hams. Scheduled nets can take place monthly, weekly, or daily, and no matter their frequency (see what we did there!), nets are a great way to practice using your radio and get comfortable with the conventions of communicating on the air.”1

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About the ARRL On The Air Podcast

On the Air podcast complements the bimonthly On the Air magazine (an ARRL membership benefit) with additional resources, techniques, and hints.

The host of On The Air is Becky Schoenfeld, W1BXY. The first episode of On The Air was published on January 16, 2020.

About ARRL On The Air

On The Air is a collection of resources for new ham radio licensees:

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