FreeDV Activity Day Is Now a Monthly Event

Contribute to the advancement of radio art by participating in the (now) monthly FreeDV 48 hour Activity Day. On the third weekend of each month you can join other FreeDV users on the air for QSOs and a fun time.

“As this isn’t a contest, there’s no pressure to make contacts or send logs, but you can always confirm QSOs via the usual means if you’d like (LoTW, eQSL, QRZ, etc.) Enabling PSK Reporter in the FreeDV application and joining the QSO Finder are recommended, however, so others can see that you’re on the air and hearing them (for instance, here’s the current map of listeners).” 1

December Event Schedule

2AM Central time (0800Z) on December 17 to 1:59AM (0759Z) on December 19 (48 hours).

If you can’t make it on the air this weekend, the next Activity Day will be on the weekend of January 21st–22nd, 2023.

Suggested frequencies to use

  • 80 meters: 3.625, 3.643, 3.693 or 3.697 MHz
  • 60 meters (in countries where allowed): 5.4035 MHz or 5.3665 MHz
  • 40 meters: 7.177 MHz
  • 20 meters: 14.236 MHz or 14.240 MHz
  • 17 meters: 18.118 MHz
  • 15 meters: 21.313 MHz
  • 12 meters: 24.933 MHz
  • 10 meters: 28.330 or 28.720 MHz
  • 10 GHz (for those in range of QO-100): 10489.640 MHz

(Note that LSB/DIGL is used below 10MHz as per current convention for voice modes, USB/DIGU otherwise. 60 meters is of course USB/DIGU only.)

Do you need help with FreeDV?

About FreeDV

FreeDV is a Digital Voice mode for HF radio. You can run FreeDV using a free GUI application for Windows, Linux and OSX that allows any SSB radio to be used for low-bit-rate digital voice.

FreeDV is being developed by an international team of radio amateurs working together on coding, design, user interface and testing. FreeDV is open source software, released under the GNU Lesser Public License version 2.1. The modems and Codec 2 speech codec used in FreeDV are also open source.

Amateur Radio is transitioning from analog to digital, much as it transitioned from AM to SSB in the 1950s and 1960s. How would you feel if one or two companies owned the patents for SSB, then forced you to use their technology, made it illegal to experiment with or even understand the technology, and insisted you stay locked to it for the next 100 years? That’s exactly what was happening with digital voice. But now, hams are in control of their technology again!

FreeDV is unique as it uses 100% Open Source Software, including the speech codec. No secrets, nothing proprietary! FreeDV represents a path for 21st-century Amateur Radio where Hams are free to experiment and innovate, rather than a future locked into a single manufacturer’s closed technology. 2

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