February 2023 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting called to order by President Jake K0RQ at 19:00 January 17th, 2023
  • 23 members in attendance

Secretary’s Report

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Treasurer’s Report

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Librarian’s Report

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Jake K0RQ entertains a motion to approve the Secretary, Treasurer, and

Librarian’s reports

  • Motion by Mark KC0SHM
  • Seconded by Ken W0CZ
  • Motion passes

Regular Agenda

Standing Committee Reports


Brad KD0LDS informed the club of an upcoming preparedness fair by the Latter Day Saints. Potentially would be a good event to bring the ARES trailer to. Time would be about 9am-1pm on September 9th


Kirk W0HNV says we are waiting on the weather for the repeater work.


Kirk W0HNV states that the classes are going well, they are a bit behind but that is no problem. Kirk expects the club will have 4 new extras by the end of the classes.

Jay WS0Y added the general class is starting now. The first lesson will be posted tomorrow (Feb 22nd 2023), and in a few weeks the technician materials will be posted.

Kirk W0HNV adds the classes will run concurrently so all the classes can test on the same day.


Anton KC0PFS held the committee meeting on the 14th, where they discussed alternative venues. Some alternate venues included the TAP music venue, Shriners, and in future years possibly the Moorhead armory.

The committee met with the Fair board Feb 20th to discuss possibilities of hosting at the fair. A major change is the fairgrounds will require any food served to go through their vendor. The RRVF will be remodeling the Butler Arena, and it will be unavailable for seminars. Other remodels have been done as well, that will be completed in time for the next hamfest.

There is a considerable cost increase, previously it was about $900 for Hartl building, and $200 for the Butler Arena, for 2 days, tables, and chairs. The price will rise to $1500 for both days, with tables and chairs.

The RRVF may still be the best option for a venue. The tables will be new, and may not be optimal for heavy radios for sale. The price increase is notable, but may still be worth it when we consider all the factors mentioned.

There are 2 presented dates in September: The 23rd, the 4th weekend, or The 30th, the 5th weekend. The 4th weekend has one other small even going on at the same time. The 5th weekend has potential to be a busy weekend. RRRA is guaranteed access for either date regardless, and we have some time to make a commitment.

Mark KC0SHM asks if we lose the ability to sell concessions, and the consider the increased cost, how does that affect the clubs profit?

  • Last year, we made approx $400 profit on the food.
  • Losing that, and the increase of venue cost, our profit would be reduced by $800.
  • Coffee and donuts are known to be the best sellers.

A potential for increasing revenue would be corporate sponsorships. Which could reduce the clubs cost, and ideally increase club profit. There is consideration of whether or not this increased work would outweigh doing other fundraising.

Some inter-club discussion occurred about potential venue, and the general topic was we would need to source tables, and would lose the ability to back trucks into the venue for heavy equipment. If you find a venue, please bring that to the club for consideration.

One possible venue is the Shriner’s. Gary W0DBL stated that there is a large Gun Show held there every year, which would not be too different from a hamfest. The venue has long tables, a sounds system, and vehicles can drive up to the door to drop off equipment.

Steve K0STK said he would like someone to help for digital signage this year, and to take it over for future years.

Kirk W0HNV added the food vendor at the fairgrounds requires a $500 minimum, up front. It is a guarantee, and if the vendor sells at least $500, then we get that money back, and whatever profits are on top of that. The $500 is a deposit for the food vendor.

Kirk W0HNV also adds that it would benefit the club to reach out and advertise, and reach out to other clubs in the area. We could ask them to support and volunteer for the event.

Pete WC0G asked if this could be a division event. If it is, then the ARRL may want to get involved. There used to be a lot of Canadians that came to the Hamfest as well. We could ask if other clubs in the division.

The Red River Valley Fairgrounds has us penciled in for both dates mentioned above, and we have time to choose.

  • Motion to allocate $2500 for the hamfest by Mark KC0SHM
  • Seconded by Pete WC0G
  • Motion passes

The next committee meeting will be March 14th, at 7pm, over Zoom.


Pete WC0G states the testing is coming along, there are some tests after the meeting tonight. There will be another session scheduled the 18th of April, to coincide with the classes ending.


Steve K0STK asks a favor of the club, if there is an event, please use the clubs IT assets. If it is an official RRRA event, please have it published to the RRRA site. If you have any questions, please talk to Steve, or send out an email to webmaster@rrra.org

Old Business


Steve K0STK is running the 2023 RRRA elections. There are 5 total races, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member at Large

Pete WC0G and Brad KE0LDS volunteered to be Tellers.


Jake K0RQ is the sole candidate

  • Motion by Steve K0STK to elect Jake K0RQ by acclamation
  • Jake K0RQ elected unanimously

Anton KC0PFS is the sole candidate

  • Motion by Steve K0STK to elect Anton KC0PFS by acclamation
  • Anton KC0PFS elected unanimously

Eric KE0PJR is the sole candidate

  • Motion by Steve K0STK to elect Eric KE0PJR by acclamation
  • Eric KE0PJR elected unanimously

Lori KC0GQE is the sole candidate

  • Motion by Steve K0STK to elect Lori KC0GQE by acclamation
  • Lori KC0GQE elected unanimously
Member at Large

Don KC0DCF and Kent KA0LDG are the candidates running. A ballot was passed out for members to cast their vote.

  • Kent KA0LDG was elected as the new Member at Large

Member of the year Presentation

Lori KC0GQE presented the plaque for the 2021 Ham of the year.

The 2021 Ham of the year was Jay WS0Y, the plaque will be brought to Jay.

New Business

WeatherTAP renewal

Lori KC0GQE requests $158.79 for the WeatherTap renewal.

  • Motion to allocate funds by Mark KC0SHM
  • Seconded by Tim K0CRF
  • Motion passes

New Meeting Format

Jake K0RQ states that at one point there was potential to change to 4 business meetings a year. Jake suggests that we change to 4 business meetings a year, and use other times for presentations, or other functions.

There would be February, May, August, November as the primary planned business meetings.

No formal decision has been made on this yet.

Update to standing committees

Jake K0RQ stated that we need to form 2 new committees. Both committees need 4 people

Please visit rrra.org/bylaws for more information on what the committees do.

Finance committee

Pete WC0G and Brad KE0LDS say they would like to join

Membership committee

3 to 5 members

Tim K0CRF volunteered to be the chair of the committee. Jake K0RQ says he can put together a committee

Steve K0OP volunteered to be a member.

VE committee

Pete WC0G currently is the only member of the committee. There can be more members, but it is not required. If someone would like to help, please contact Pete WC0G.

MARS/DOD Communications Exercise

Tim K0CRF informed the club that there is an upcoming MARS event. There will be practiced communications on 60 meter channel. The event is taking place Thursday February 23rd to Saturday February 25th

The club is awaiting activation from MARS.

Good of the order

Possible change for the Club Christmas Party. Change the date to July so more members can go. No decision has been made yet.


  • Motion to adjourn by Mark KC0SHM
  • Seconded by Pete WC0G
  • Meeting adjourned at 19:56