Radio Systems in the Red River Valley


W0ILO Repeaters

The Red River Radio Amateurs operate and maintain a linked Analog FM repeater system that covers Fargo-Moorhead and the surrounding area. The call-sign for these repeaters is W0ILO, the RRRA club call-sign. These RRRA sponsored repeaters available for use:

Moorhead, MN145.350 MHz -123 Hz
Moorhead, MN444.875 MHz +123 Hz
Grandin, ND146.760 MHz -123 Hz

Red River Valley Repeater List

A list of repeaters in the Red River Valley which are accessible from the Fargo/Moorhead area.

SuperLINK is an Amateur Radio repeater linking system which links together 2 meter repeaters located along Interstate 94 from the Western Border of North Dakota, through Minnesota, and into Wisconsin. It also has links extending north to Winnipeg, Canada.

10M Beacon—Deactivated

The W0ILO 10 meter propagation beacon, previously operating on 28286.5 KHz, was deactivated on April 7, 2018.