Red River Valley Repeaters

Barnesville, MNKC0SD147.060 + T123SuperLINK
Detroit Lakes, MNW0EMZ147.195 +Detroit Lakes ARC
Fargo, NDKB0IXM145.490 - T82.5IRLP #4549
Fargo, NDKD0SWQ444.000 +NDSU D-STAR Repeater
Fargo, NDW0HSC147.090 +NDSU Amateur Radio Society
Fargo, NDW0RRW146.970 -Ernie Anderson Memorial Station
Fergus Falls, MNK0QIK146.640 -Lake Region ARC
Fisher, MNKC0SD146.700 - T123SuperLINK
Grand Forks, NDWA0JXT146.940 - T123FORX ARC
Grandin, NDW0ILO146.760 - T123RRRA
Karlstad, MNKA0NWV145.470 - T123SuperLINK, Echolink #23832
Mayville, NDW0ZKU146.910 -
Moorhead, MNW0ILO145.350 - T123RRRA
Moorhead, MNW0ILO444.875 + T123RRRA
Moorhead, MNW0JPJ145.150 -Digital only, Wires-X primary link: MNWIS (listen on-line)
Moorhead, MNW0JPJ442.500 + D065Analog / Digital, Wires-X primary link: DARC
Sabin, MNWB0BIN146.895 - T100
Sisseton, SDW0WM146.880 -
Valley City, NDW0SRH146.790 -
Wahpeton, NDW0END147.375 +NDSCS Amateur Station
Wahpeton, NDW0END443.800 +NDSCS Amateur Station
West Fargo, NDKD0IOE444.625 + CC1DMR/YSF Digital

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