SUPERLINK Repeater Linking System

What is SuperLink?

SuperLINK is a Amateur Radio repeater linking system that links together 2 meter repeaters located along Interstate 94 from the Western Border of North Dakota, through Minnesota and into Wisconsin. It also has links that go north to Winnipeg, Canada. The SuperLINK linking system requires that the user turn on the “linking system” of their local 2 meter repeater and then select where the linked signal will come out of the system. This “selection” is done by the system user sending out two 3 digit touch-tone codes. A voice announcement will tell you when you have successfully completed the linking.

How To Dial Node Codes

If you know where there is a node (city) then you dial it up by entering the first three digits if that city like as you would on a telephone keypad. i.e.: Bismarck… BIS or 247, or Alexandria… ALE or 253.


  • Barnsville, which is actually 327, for FAR (Fargo). The reason for this is that BAR would conflict with CAR (Carrington) which is 227.
  • Winnipeg is not a traditional SuperLINK node, but rather a “dial up” node from the Barnsville “Hotlink”. Winnipeg acts differently than the rest of the system. If you are on the Barnsville, Fischer, or Karlstad repeater, you only need enter 946 (WIN) to bring Winnipeg up. There is no need to bring up 327… HOWEVER.. say you are in Bismarck and you want Winnipeg, you would have to bring up 247, 327, and then 946, as Winnipeg is part of the Barnsville “Hotlink”, and not the regular SuperLINK. Another difference with Winnipeg is that you enter 947 to bring it down, instead of adding the digit 1 to close it as you would the other nodes.

Rules of Operation

  1. Remember the priority of traffic on the linking system. Emergency (#1), weather (#2), and general conversation.
  2. Be sure you turn off what you turn on. Turn off the links in the reverse order you turned them on, so that you can listen for the voice announcements to tell you when each has been cleared.
  3. Be sure you leave time (1 or 2 seconds), after keying your transmitter, for the system to come up before you start talking or sending your access code touch tones.

SuperLINK Instructions

  1. Access the 2 meter repeater in you local area and ID.
  2. Indicate your intentions of accessing the SuperLINK.
  3. Key in the code for your local repeater using the tone pad.
  4. Listen to hear the link acknowledge your access.
  5. Listen for anybody else using the SuperLINK.
  6. If the link is clear, key in the code for the destination repeater.
  7. Listen to hear the link acknowledge your access to the destination repeater.
  8. Listen for anybody using the destination repeater.
  9. If the destination repeater is clear then make your call.
  10. Wait about 2 seconds before talking each time you key your mic. This will allow the link to connect all nodes used in your communication.
  1. Key in the number 1 and then the 3 digit code for the destination repeater.
  2. Listen to hear the destination repeater acknowledge your request.
  3. Key in the number 1 and then the 3 digit code for your repeater.
  4. Listen to hear your repeater acknowledge your request.
LocationOn CodeOff CodeFrequency
Alexandria, MN2531253146.790(-)
Barnesville, MN3271327147.060(+)
Bemidji, MN2361236146.730(-)
Bismarck, ND2471247146.940(-)
Bowman, ND2691269145.310(-)
Brainerd, MN-Pending--Pending-147.090(+)
Carrington, ND2271227146.670(-)
Cooperstown, ND2661266147.210(+)
Devils Lake, ND3381338146.880(-)
Dickinson, ND3421342146.820(-)
Fisher, MN3271327146.700(-)
Hannover, ND4261426145.430(-)
Hudson, WI7871787146.955(-) Mpls/St Paul
Grand Rapids, MN4721472146.880(-)
Jamestown, ND5261526147.180(+)
Karlstad, MN3271327145.470(-)
Killdeer, ND5451545146.640(-)
Maddock, ND6231623147.240(+)
Minot, ND6461646147.360(+)
Sentinel Butte, ND7361736146.730(-)
Sisseton, SD7471747146.880(-)
St. Cloud, MN7851785147.015(+)
Willmar, MN9451945145.230(-) PL tone 91.5
Winnipeg, Manitoba946947145.350(-)