Dennis M Clemenson

Obituary photo of NT0V
Photo: Gilberson Funeral Home
October 30, 1948
Silent Key:
January 13, 2021
National Silent Key Archive
Gilberson Funeral Home

  • “He was a regular at our hamfests for as long as I can remember, a very nice guy.” (KA0DG)
  • “Dennis attended the RRRA Hamfest for years. When I first met him about 30 years ago he was living in Grand Forks. Talked many times on 2 Meter SSB between Fargo and Grand Forks.” (WC0G)
  • “Dennis was a regular on the Goose River 160 meter net, and heard on the various 75 meter section nets and the PICO net. Always with a big signal it seems.” (AI0Q)